The Katy News: Commissioner Bush Visits Texas State Technical College

ROSENBURG, TX – Yesterday, June 26, Texas Land Commissioner George P.
Bush toured Texas State Technical College Fort Bend Campus. The tour included highlights from various program areas where the college trains students to perform skills needed for employment in today’s high tech global economy. Throughout the tour Commissioner Bush saw first hand the skills needed to become a lineman, work in industrial maintenance, electric/power controls and environmental technology. Earlier this year, Commissioner Bush dedicated 2019 to “A Conversation with our Future,” engaging with students, parents and teachers across the state. Innovative education opportunities are needed now more than ever.
Fort Bend County is one of the fastest growing counties in both Texas and the nation. Research shows that approximately 1,349 new workers with engineering-related skills will be needed each year through 2020 to fill positions in the area. It is estimated that there will be 5,920 new positions for mechanics and technicians trained in repair technologies each year through 2020. Texas State Technical College serves our state’s education efforts and ensures that the students of today have the skills needed for the
economy of tomorrow.

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